Pipe Extrusion
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New technologies need to meet many demands of the pipe extrusion industry. Pipe manufacturers rely on DWJ for high dispersion Masterbatches that consistently meet or exceed high demanding requirements, ranging from high temperature performance to chemical and abrasion resistance. 

For the regulated pressure pipe industry, we are the leader in the development of high purity masterbatches that can meet international standards governing the production of HDPE pressure pipes. 

From mono to coex, our P-type carbon black masterbatches provide exceptional UV weathering and low compound moisture absorption with extremely low levels of sulfur, ash and grit that ensures best-in-class performance in regulated pressure pipes. For other pipe applications, such as irrigation or corrugated pipe, we have a range of high-performing specialized masterbatches that can provide the necessary UV protection to prevent polymer degradation and extend the performance of pipe.

· Drainage

· Drip irrigation

· Pressure  pipes 

· Electric and telecommunication cable conduits

· Corrugated pipes

· Gas pipes