Injection Molding
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Many of our customers are focused on improving cycle time and increasing quality to reduce scrap rates. So it’s important that DWJ formulates and manufactures black concentrates specifically designed for injection molding applications. DWJ’s product range offers outstanding cost performance and more value to our customers than our competitor’s products.

Manufactured with high concentrations of specially selected carbon blacks, DWJ’s products offer superior covering and processing with high jetness, gloss finish and premium UV protection.

Each product is specifically designed to meet a particular performance balance in terms of the five key performance criteria important in molded plastic applications: Color strength, Undertone, Ultraviolet (UV) Stability, pigment Dispersibility, ease of masterbatch.


Dilutability. Additionally, our products have high levels of cleanliness to ensure the aesthetic quality of your final products.

Our team can work with you to create formulations that are based on the specific requirements of each individual application.

Typical applications include:

· Electric Appliances

· Garden Furniture

· Toys

· Houseware

· Automotive

· Crates & pallets