Cast Film & Sheet Extrusion
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DWJ provides custom-formulated products for the sheet extrusion marketplace. We specialize in black concentrates for polymer systems including: polyolefins, styrenics, thermoplastic polyolefins, and selected engineering polymers. We can help you formulate products for both multi-layer and single-layer extrusions, and design solutions that take into account critical specifications associated with food and industrial applications. 

When choosing a black masterbatch for thermoformed or calendered sheet, it is critical to choose a finely dispersed product containing carefully controlled intermediates. This ensures easy processing, optimum optical properties together with good mechanical properties, specially critical for thin-gauge products.

The DWJ range of black masterbatches for sheet extrusion applications is used in a wide variety of food packaging, automotive and construction applications:

· Calendering 

· Thermoforming

· Cutting boards

· Material Handling Trays

· Tarpaulins

· Manhole covers

· Marine board

· Roofing profiles

· Stretch film