Blown Film
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We offer specialty carbon blacks masterbatches that are used in a variety of mono and multi-layer film applications including consumer and food packaging, industrial film, carrier bags,  shopping bags, geomembranes, stretch and agricultural films. Whether you need covering power, premium UV protection, or ultra-thin gauge, we have developed a black masterbatch for your needs. We manufacture black masterbatches for film applications that offer film producers the best balance of Opacity, Resistance to weathering, Film smoothness, Dispersibility, Processability, Thermal stability, Puncture resistance.

We have proven capability of supplying convertors for multiple end-use applications such as:

· Builder's film

· Geomembrane

· Mulch film

· Food contact packaging 

· Shopping bag

· Multilayer film

· Silage stretch film

· Stretch wrap film

· Garbage bags